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Mr. B's Holiday Gift Guide

Mr. B's Holiday Gift Guide

You have a long list of special people in your life, you want special gifts for each of them, and you wouldn't mind if getting those gifts was easy and quick.

Sound about right?

Mr. B's has your answer: chocolate. (Hint: the answer is always chocolate.)

Seriously though, after all we've been through together this year, everyone is craving simple-yet-luxurious gifts that make life a little sweeter.

And by everyone, we mean neighbors, teachers, old friends, new friends, family near and far — basically, your entire long list of special people.

Mr. B's Gift Guide highlights well-loved favorites guaranteed to delight anyone and everyone. We hope it makes gifting and the holidays a little sweeter this year. Enjoy!

Give your stocking stuffers an upgrade with pure Belgian chocolate. These selections are sure to bring smiles on Christmas morning... as long as you keep those stockings far enough away from the fire!

Jolly Santa

Wouldn't it be cute if Santa left a delicious little likeness of himself? Seems like a good trade-off for the cookies he takes.


This gourmet surprise is sure to make little ballerinas (and anyone else) twirl with joy.

Block Set

Stack 'em, then eat 'em. Great for block enthusiasts, no matter their age. Better get more than one set!

Chocolate Bars & Caramel Bars

Pure, premium Belgian chocolate flavor in a classic bar  the perfect size to tuck in a stocking.

Holiday Suckers

Who can pick between confetti sprinklesfestive lights, or cute faces? You don't have to! Get all three and save with the holiday sucker bundle.

Nothing makes a sweeter favor for your place settings than chocolate. If there won't be as many around the table this year, these also make great additions to doorstep drop-offs or shipments.

Chocolate Sleeve & Caramel Sleeve

Enough to enjoy a taste right away and keep for later too! Want to mix it up? Get both sleeves and save.

Festive Light

These classic bulbs don't use any electricity but they're just as bright and cheery as the real thing.

Old World Santa

This regal Saint Nicholas adds a touch of elegant tradition and European distinction to the table.

Holiday Variety Box: 4 Piece

Little and luxurious, this small box is one of our most popular favors. Is it the festive top or hand-tied bow? Definitely that and the delicious chocolates too! 

Square Bars

Some people call these our "two-bite bars". We call them the best two bites you'll take all day!

Thoughtful luxury doesn't have to cost a fortune. Whether given as standalone gifts or paired with others, these little touches are just simply the sweetest.

I Love Minnesota Bar

Perfect for those whose hearts belong to the north and to chocolate. Get all three flavors and save.

Triple Bar Bundle

It's three delicious gifts in one! Pick your favorite combo of flavors for a personalized touch.

Almond Butter Toffee

The ingredient list says it all: crushed almonds, fresh butter, rich chocolate. It's hard to find a more popular gift than Mr. B's toffee!

Mr. B's Variety Box: 9 Piece

This assortment is called our specialty for a reason: time-honored Belgian recipes and techniques make these pieces truly special.

Vanilla Caramel

Smooth? Check. Delicious? Check. The perfect gift? Check! These caramels are individually wrapped, making this a gift that gets opened over and over.

A little chocolate is good, but a LOT of chocolate is even better! If you know someone who agrees (maybe you see them in the mirror each day?), then these impressive gifts are the perfect choice.

6 Months of Mr. B's

This gift keeps giving and giving and giving. Choose six of Mr. B's premium boxed assortments in any combination of flavors and we'll send one each month. That's half a year of pure joy!

Triple Box Bundle

Yum, yummy, yummiest! Why settle on one box of chocolates when you can have three? Just choose which assortments in which sizes and you're done!

Sweetest Sampler Set

Enjoy some of this, some of that, and allllll the smiles. Spare yourself the difficulty of deciding with a sampling of Mr. B's most-loved favorites. Perfect for a gift basket, holiday platter, or delighting a connoisseur.

Build Your Own Box: 18 Piece

You know that one favorite piece? The one that gets eaten right away or saved to the very end? Fill a whole box with it! Or maybe tuck a few other kinds in there too. No matter what, it's completely up to you when you Build Your Own box. Available in various sizes.

Mr. B's Gift Card

This is the gift of chocolate and freedom all in one: freedom to select anything from Mr. B's at anytime. Nothing could be sweeter. 

Did you find something for all those special people? We hope so! Happy holidays from all of us at Mr. B's!

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