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Gift Cards Don't Have to be Impersonal

Gift Cards Don't Have to be Impersonal

You envisioned your bestie swooning in delight as she opened the perfect gift from you. Or your employees crowning you Best Boss Ever. Your gift was going to be so ideal, so fitting, and so creative that they’d mention your thoughtfulness to everyone for weeks to come.

But that perfect gift never materialized.

There were plenty of possibilities, but all were either out of stock, too pricey, too cheap, or shipping was vague and risky. Who can plan around “ships in one to two months” for an estimate?

Now you’re facing the real possibility of giving a (gasp!) gift card.

Once you recover from your feelings of failure for caving to a gift card's convenience (no judgment here!), try these tips to take a gift card from generic to genuine:

1. Choose wisely.

If your recipient is into craft beer but you buy a gift card for a yoga lesson instead your gift is likely to bomb. Unless it’s something you’ve talked about before, now is not the time to broaden the horizons of your recipients. Selecting a gift card that supports your recipient’s interests communicates that you’re paying attention and goes a long way toward making the gift personal.

2. Shop small.

If possible, support a local business when buying gift cards. You’ll feel good doing it, and the small-town touch will make your gift feel that much more special. If time allows, plan an outing to explore the shop together. Chances are you’ll get great recommendations while you’re there.

3. Write a note.

The thought counts even more when it’s expressed by a heartfelt, handwritten note. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your recipient know what you appreciate most about him or her.

4. Mention your faves.

Include a list of 3-5 items you’ve either enjoyed personally or really hope to try soon. Add notes about why these particular products catch your eye. Invite your recipient to let you know her feedback if she decides to pick any of those things for herself.

5. Wrap it.

A nice box, beautiful paper, ribbons and bows — go all out just like you would have for the cashmere scarf or leather journal. This can work for e-giftcards too. If possible, print it out on high-quality paper and wrap it.

With these handy tips in mind, you're ready to purchase perfectly tasteful gift cards. You can buy Mr. B's gift cards with confidence, knowing your recipients will enjoy premium, small-batch goodness no matter what they select.

Mr. B's gift cards start at $10. For an extra special touch, we have printable certificates you can print and personalize or an image to copy and paste into an email. Now that's a sweet gift!




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