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Mr. B's Holiday Gift Guide

Mr. B's Holiday Gift Guide

You want thoughtful, tasteful gifts for the special people in your life. Delightful gifts that show how much you care and bring a true smile to their faces.
You also don’t want to deal with bare shelves, out-of-stock notifications, and shipping delays — unfortunately all far too common this season.
Mr. B's has your answer: chocolate. (Hint: the answer is always chocolate.)
Handcrafted Belgian chocolate is a perfect gift in every way. It’s simple yet luxurious and makes life a lot sweeter.
The fact that it’s made fresh in Minnesota and shipped right away instead of stuck on a shipping container somewhere? A definite bonus.
Mr. B’s Gift Guide has options for everyone on your list of special people — neighbors, teachers, old friends, new friends, family near and far. We hope it makes your holidays a little sweeter this year. Enjoy!
Year after year, these favorites are shared and sampled for good reason: they’re quintessential handcrafted perfection. We recommend enjoying some of this, a little of that, and alllll the smiles!


Mr. B's Variety Box: 18 Piece

This assortment is called our specialty for a reason: time-honored Belgian recipes and old-world techniques make these pieces truly special.

Almond Butter Toffee

The ingredient list says it all: crushed almonds, fresh butter, rich chocolate. It's hard to find a more popular gift than Mr. B's toffee!

Vanilla Caramel

Smooth? Check. Delicious? Check. The perfect gift? Check! These caramels are individually wrapped, making this a gift that gets opened over and over.

Chocolate Bar

The list of adjectives for this bar is impressive: pure, solid, premium, Belgian, dark chocolate. And that doesn’t include delicious, mouth-watering, amazing — the list could go on and on.


Caramel Bar

Rich premium chocolate paired with smooth homemade caramel is the perfect combination for a holiday treat. The only problem is once it’s finished you’ll want more!



Nothing makes a sweeter party favor or gift for the host and hostess than luxurious chocolate. These all look equally great at place settings, on platters, in take-home gift bags, or — best of all — ready to be eaten by you!

Holiday Variety Box: 4 Piece

Little and luxurious, this small box is one of our most popular favors. Is it the festive top or hand-tied bow? Definitely that and the delicious chocolates too!


Petite Sleeve & Caramel Sleeve

Enough to enjoy a taste right away and keep for later too! 


Festive Light

These classic bulbs don't use any electricity but they're just as bright and cheery as the real thing.

Wine Hanger: 4 piece

Pick their favorite bottle, pick their favorite pieces, and just like that you've picked the most thoughtful, personalized gift possible.

Life is sweet in Minnesota, and we’ve got the chocolate to prove it. These uniquely northern treats are wonderful gifts for those who call Minnesota home, those who have moved away but keep Minnesota in their hearts, or for visitors who are discovering our great state.

I Love Minnesota Bar

Perfect for those whose hearts belong to the north and to chocolate. It’s a taste of home and a taste of gourmet all in one. Get all three flavors and save.


(P.S. Our neighbors to the east asked very politely for their own Wisconsin bar, so we were nice and made them one. We’ve heard it pairs well with cheese.)


Whether you’ve driven one, ridden in one, or appreciated them as part of our rural landscape, a chocolate tractor is a great reminder of sweet, simple Minnesota life.

Moose Sucker

There’s not much more exciting than a moose sighting. Except maybe when that moose is made of chocolate!

Fish & Bobber

These icons of lake life and fishing — whether in the summer sun or an ice house — bring back plenty of warm Minnesota memories and spark stories a little too good to be true.

Red and green. Santa and his reindeer. Trees with lights and ornaments. There’s something extra sweet about celebrating Christmas and gifting each other with the classic symbols of the season.

Christmas Tree

Instead of trimmed or untrimmed, the question to ask is hand painted or pure and plain. Either way, this milk chocolate Christmas tree is definitely delicious and guaranteed not to need water or electricity.

Truffle Box: 9 piece

Classic flavors, classic cover, classic size: it’s not hard to see why so many people include Mr. B’s Truffle Collection on their Christmas list. Or maybe it’s because the truffles look like little chocolate snowballs...

Jolly Santa

We promise enjoying this jolly treat won’t put you on the naughty list and giving it to others will definitely put you on the nice list.

Reindeer Sucker

Do you recall the most delicious reindeer of all? You don't need a foggy Christmas Eve for this treat to make you shout with glee — pure Belgian chocolate is all it takes.

A little chocolate is good, but a lot of chocolate is even better! If you know someone who agrees (maybe you see them in the mirror each day?), then these impressive gifts are the perfect choice.

Triple Box Bundle

Yum, yummy, yummiest! Why settle on one box of chocolates when you can have three? Just choose which assortments go on the top, middle, and bottom, then...voila! You're done!

Build Your Own Box

You know that one favorite piece? The one that gets eaten right away or saved to the very end? Fill a whole box with it! Or maybe tuck a few other kinds in there too. No matter what, it's completely up to you when you Build Your Own box. Available in various sizes.

Variety Holiday Box: 48 piece

The biggest meets the best and it’s all tied up with a bow. This massive box is made to amaze and impress. Exactly how much chocolate is inside? Eat one piece a day starting at Christmas and it will last almost to Valentine’s Day. (Of course, no judgment if it doesn’t. 

Caramel Gift Collection

After countless requests, it’s finally here! Mr. B’s newest collection is easily one of our most loved for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love smooth homemade caramel covered in dark or milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt (or not)? No one on your list, that’s who!

Mr. B's Gift Card

This is the gift of chocolate and freedom all in one: freedom to select anything from Mr. B's at anytime. Nothing could be sweeter.

Give your stocking stuffers an upgrade with pure Belgian chocolate. These selections are sure to bring smiles on Christmas morning... as long as you keep those stockings far enough away from the fire!

Caramel Box

With smooth, homemade caramel inside every bite, it’s no surprise this is one of our most popular collections.


This gourmet surprise is sure to make little ballerinas (and anyone else) twirl with joy.

Caramel Almond Chocolate Bar

Pure, premium Belgian chocolate flavor, plus smooth caramel and crunchy almonds, all in a classic bar — the perfect size to tuck in a stocking.

Holiday Sucker

Cute meets delicious in this delightful chocolate sucker. The bonus? A stick keeps hands mess-free and makes it easier to grab from inside a stocking. The sweetest part: buy three and save.

Block Set

Stack 'em, then eat 'em. Great for block enthusiasts, no matter their age. Better get more than one set!

Did you find something for all those special people? We hope so! Happy holidays and seasons greetings from all of us at Mr. B's!
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