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Mr. B's Valentine Gift Guide

Mr. B's Valentine Gift Guide

You don't have to be a Romeo or Juliet to celebrate Valentine's Day anymore. While there's certainly plenty of romance in the air, the month of love also offers a great chance to show special people in your life you're thinking of them.

Mr. B's has exactly what you need to spread love to your valentines, gal-entines and pal-entines, and even self-entine. (Because no one knows what you want better than you!)

Our Valentine Gift Guide showcases delicious favorites guaranteed to make hearts flutter and mouths water. We hope it helps you give thoughtful gifts from the heart to anyone who holds a special place there. Enjoy!

These delights may be small but they're big on flavor and style. Perfect for children, teachers, and anyone who deserves a tasty little treat.

Valentine Suckers

Who can choose between confetti sprinklesadorable hearts, or classic valentine vibes? You don't have to! Get any three and save with the valentine sucker bundle.

Cupid and Hearts

Shoot straight to the heart with a delicious white and milk chocolate Cupid heart and three solid wrapped hearts: one each in dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Valentine Chocolate Sleeve

These miniature works of art are as beautiful as they are delightful.

Valentine Variety Box: 4 Piece

It's beautiful, wonderfully tasty, and just the right size to show you care.

This Valentine's Day isn't just about romance and affection. Show your BFFs some platonic love with these lighthearted, creative gifts.

I Love Minnesota Bar

If your friend's heart belongs to the north and to chocolate, they'll love this bar. Get a set of three and save.

Booze Box Collection

No one wants to choose between a delicious drink or premium chocolate. With our liquor-flavored assortment, you get the best of both in one box.

Almond Butter Toffee

Our toffee will have their hearts with just one taste. It's smooth and crunchy and absolutely divine.

Vanilla Caramel

The best of friends deserve the best of caramel: fresh, pure, and homemade.


Perfect for any friend who's the GOAT — Greatest of All Time — in your life. And maybe the ones who can be a little gruff too.

Serious love requires serious chocolate, and Mr. B's offers nothing but the best with our classic, tasteful premium Belgian chocolate.

BYO Wine Box

Pick their favorite bottle, pick their favorite pieces, and just like that you've picked the most thoughtful, personalized gift possible. Available in 4 pieces and 6 pieces.

Chocolate Heart Sleeve

Why stop at giving your sweetie a single heart when you can give 15 of them? With five each of dark, milk, and white chocolate, this is perfect for anyone who savors all flavors.

Mini Bouquet of Chocolate Roses

A rose by any other flavor would definitely not taste so sweet! An adorable bouquet of five solid roses: two dark, two milk, and one white chocolate.

Valentine Variety Box: 48 Piece

Go straight to the heart with 48 pieces of amazingly fresh, tasteful chocolates. Need a gift with bling? This box has a chocolate diamond tucked inside!

Fish and Bobber

Your sweetie is a great catch and this is the perfect way to show it. These milk chocolate fish and bobber are easy to reel in and enjoy.

Some of Mr. B's lovely gifts are too fragile for shipping, so these are only for local friends — and anyone who wants to take a road trip to our Willmar store.

Dessert Cup

Edible heart cups filled with chocolate, caramel, and a meltaway will leave you wondering what to eat first.

Filled Chocolate Hearts

There's no going back to a paper box once you've gotten a chocolate heart box filled with a variety of chocolate pieces. Available in three sizes.

High-Heeled Shoe

Fancy and frilly, sassy and a little silly. Chocolate shoes are the perfect fit every time.

Double Heart Sleeve

These cute double hearts are hiding small secrets: a crunchy almond in each one.

Did you find some sweets for your sweet loves and friends? We hope so! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Mr. B's!

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