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5 Trends for 2021 Business Gifts

5 Trends for 2021 Business Gifts

The start of Q4 is only a few days away, and many professionals are beginning to think about year-end gifts.

Studies prove business gifts can increase engagement, improve loyalty, and raise brand awareness. With so much competition out there, it's more crucial than ever to make a wise choice.

While the impact of a good gift is timeless, there are important trends to watch and consider. The past 18 months forced major lifestyle and shopping adjustments for us all. It's only natural that our gift expectations are shifting as well.

A few key trend predictions can guide you as you choose gifts for clients, prospects, and employees. Based on on almost 35 years of experience in gifting, we expect the most effective business gifts in 2021 will be:

1. Exceptional

Gone are the days a business can hand out cheap, plastic trinkets with a logo on it and expect gratitude in return. Our mass-produced, drop-shipped world has created "stuff" fatigue. Recipients crave gifts that are surprising, delightful, and high-quality.

2. Thoughtful

Care and consideration immediately elevate a professional gift to the highest status. Recipients' doorsteps are already filled with lifeless, perfunctory boxes. Hand-tied ribbons, hand-signed notes, and beautiful packaging express a powerful level of thoughtfulness.

3. Consumable

The surest sign of gifting failure? Seeing your business gift, complete with logo, end up at the local donation site, or worse, in the trash. Recipients value their home and office space, and there is a strong preference for gifts that don't need saving or storing.

4. Handcrafted

As automation and algorithms take over our world, the best gifts involve real people. Words like artisan and bespoke suffer from overuse, but not the concept behind them. Recipients want gifts that reflect time, skill, and effort rather than a robot or machine.

5. Local

As we've generally stayed closer to home, our local awareness has increased as well. Many recipients have a renewed commitment to supporting small, local businesses, and they want gifts that do the same. On a practical level, local products may be the surest option as well, not being stuck in a port somewhere.

Keeping these five 2021 trend predictions in mind, don't wait to find the perfect professional gift.

Business gifts from Mr. B's Chocolates are both timeless and on-trend. Our premium Belgian chocolate and homemade confections are fresh, delicious, memorable, and beautiful. Recipients love the incredible quality; professionals love the exceptional customer service.

Ready to learn more? Explore both classic and custom options inside our 2021 Corporate Gift Guide or contact us today to get started.

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