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When Chocolates Become More Than Treats

When Chocolates Become More Than Treats

I set the turquoise Mr. B’s Chocolates box between her keyboard and the coffee mug that held her pens. I fluffed the polka dot ribbon, adjusted the card, and walked away, promptly forgetting my gesture.

The next morning, as I shrugged off my jacket at my own desk, she rushed toward me. “Thank you!” she said emphatically. “I feel so…appreciated!”

It had been a grueling week at the office. She wasn’t the only one I’d thanked with chocolates, and as I surveyed my other co-workers sampling their treats, I noticed that the atmosphere truly felt lighter. We were breathing a bit deeper, smiling and joking with one another, slowing down just a bit.

We soon returned to our desks and usual efficient pace, but we did it with a renewed commitment to doing our best.

All thanks to premium Belgian chocolate from Mr. B's.

You can surprise your colleagues with a morale boost from Mr. B’s too. Our best-selling box — Mr. B's Variety — comes in 9, 18, 32, and 48 pieces. Loyal customers also rave about our toffee and caramels, which are available in two sizes.

Whichever you select, you’re sure to make your co-workers feel appreciated.
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