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A Last-Minute Corporate Gift Idea

A Last-Minute Corporate Gift Idea

If your corporate gifts are all wrapped up and done for the year, stop reading. You can pat yourself on the back and move on.

But what about the rest of us? Most of us? Here's the good news: you're in very good company.

Mr. B's hears from business leaders like you every day, all dealing with usual plans thrown out the window.

A holiday open house? Not this year.
A year-end employee party? Better not.
The annual donor banquet? Another no.

It's December and plenty of responsible, highly-capable people are still figuring out what to do for their business gifts.

Throw in shipping delays and 2020 seems determined to make year-end gifting hard.

Mr. B's has a solution that's smart, simple, and stress-free: What about a Happy New Year 2021 gift instead?

If you haven't considered it before, a gift for the new year makes sense for several reasons:

1. It's inclusive and universal.

The new year is a global celebration. Businesses wisely rely on "Happy Holidays" to encompass many traditions and beliefs. Similarly, your business can give a new year's gift without the risk of insensitivity or offensiveness. Besides, after everything we've been through in 2020, it's safe to assume we'll all really celebrate this new year. Which leads us to the next point...

2. It's positive and future-oriented.

It's virtually impossible — and in some cases, downright insensitive — not to reference the difficulties of 2020 while we're still in it. While there are thoughtful ways to do that, a gift for the new year allows your business to use more upbeat language than one in 2020. You will have more freedom to craft a note that fits your brand's goals and sends a positive message.

3. It stands out.

The flurry of business and personal gifts in December can make it more difficult for your gift to have an impact. (Mr. B's premium Belgian chocolate is so delicious though, it stands out any time of year!) A gift in January allows your thoughtfulness to be memorable and get noticed. It's like finding forgotten money in a coat pocket — a wonderful surprise!

4. It gives you more time.

Honestly, it's getting down to the wire — or even over it — to give a corporate gift in 2020. You'll need to get an estimate, update your recipient list, and get colleague buy-in. Then there's production and shipping to consider. A new year's gift allows you to extend that entire timeline by a couple of weeks, making the entire process more smooth and less stressful.

If a new year's gift makes sense for your business, Mr. B's Chocolates is a perfect solution. What better way to celebrate a new start and bright future than with fresh Belgian chocolate in rich, vibrant flavors?

For an extra special touch, you can also have your logo cast in chocolate and add a custom-designed box cover along with a personalized note. Our corporate team will work with you to create exactly what you want: a perfectly tasteful gift.

And that is something you will smile about all year.

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