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Mr. B's Valentine Gift Guide

While there's certainly plenty of romance in the air, the month of love also offers a great chance to show special people in your life you're thinking of them. Mr. B's has exactly what you need to spread some love around.

Gift Cards Don't Have to be Impersonal

Gift cards are known for their convenience, flexibility, and for being impersonal. But they don't have to be. Here's how to give one that's genuine, not generic.

A Last-Minute Corporate Gift Idea

If your corporate gifts are all wrapped up and done for the year, stop reading. You can pat yourself on the back and ...

12 Days of Chocolate

What better way to celebrate the season and spread some cheer than with 12 Days of Chocolate! Even better than caroling, we have a different special offer every day for the next 12 days.

Mr. B's Holiday Gift Guide

You have a long list of special people in your life, you want special gifts for each of them, and you wouldn't mind if getting those gifts was easy and quick. Sound about right? Mr. B's has your answer: chocolate. (Hint: the answer is always chocolate.)

Mr. B's and Tavern Grill Team Up for St. Jude's

Starting September 21, when you visit one of Tavern Grill’s Twin Cities area locations, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a two-piece box of Mr. B’s Chocolates. All proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Is Your Chocolate Past Its Prime? Not Likely.

Wondering if that beautifully packaged birthday treat that you forgot about in the back of the cupboard is still edible? Here's how to tell if you should go for it or toss it. (Hint: it's likely still okay to consume.)

Think Like Goldilocks: How to Store Chocolate

Goldilocks probably shouldn't have gone into the bears' home and sampled their porridge, but since she did, we'll borrow the lesson for storing chocolate: not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

Three Ways to Combat Shipping Delays

Even greater shipping volumes are expected this holiday season as people gravitate online to avoid crowded stores. Here are 3 ways to beat the shipping delays that could result.

Brighten Someone's Day With Mr. B's Chocolates

Check out how Mr. B's Chocolates conspired with a customer to brighten the day of a beloved friend.

Summer and Chocolate DO Go Together. Here's How.

Mr. B’s knows that your cravings, celebrations, and gifting needs don’t stop because the temperature rose. We’re here to serve you year-round. Here's how.

When Chocolates Become More Than Treats

As my co-workers sampled their treats, I noticed that the atmosphere suddenly felt lighter. We'd soon return to our desks, but morale was higher thanks to chocolate.
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