Wine and Chocolate Pairings: Four Mistakes to Avoid

Pairing wine with chocolate seems easy enough. The two indulgent treats even share the same beginning. Cocoa beans an...

Three Ways to Combat Shipping Delays

Even greater shipping volumes are expected this holiday season as people gravitate online to avoid crowded stores. Here are 3 ways to beat the shipping delays that could result.

Good Chocolate is Good for You

Consuming good chocolate does have health benefits, but its real payoff might be less about nutrition and more about pyschology than you might think.

Brighten Someone's Day With Mr. B's Chocolates

Check out how Mr. B's Chocolates conspired with a customer to brighten the day of a beloved friend.

Summer and Chocolate DO Go Together. Here's How.

Mr. B’s knows that your cravings, celebrations, and gifting needs don’t stop because the temperature rose. We’re here to serve you year-round. Here's how.

When Chocolates Become More Than Treats

As my co-workers sampled their treats, I noticed that the atmosphere suddenly felt lighter. We'd soon return to our desks, but morale was higher thanks to chocolate.

Who Eats All the Chocolate (And Why You Need to Know)

Things get interesting in the U.S. thanks to marketing and perceptions. Knowing the truth makes selecting gifts for your colleagues and clients less hassle.

Three Ways to Impress Clients So They Won't Forget You

From dentists and realtors to car washes and engineering firms, Mr. B’s helps entrepreneurs like you leave an impression your clients can't forget.

Why Choose Mr. B's Chocolates?

Mr. B’s Chocolate is more than a transactional online business. Behind our web presence is a company rooted in a Midwestern community that values integrity, honesty, and hard work. Those values are reflected in how we treat our customers.
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