Truffle Collection


Please Note:  Individual chocolates included may vary based upon availability at time of order.


Handmade Gourmet Belgian Truffles

Handmade Using Superior Ingredients

So many of the chocolate truffles sold these days are mass produced in enormous factories, and so many of the distinctive truffles you’ll find in shops such as ours are still crafted the old-fashioned way, individually by dedicated chocolatiers using their hands. This makes a significant difference. We faithfully adhere to proven techniques and use only superior quality ingredients when making our homemade chocolate truffles.

Gourmet Truffles For Every Occasion

From our Minnesota shop, Mr. B's creates gourmet Belgian truffles that are unique and highly regarded – fulfilling the top demands of chocolate lovers around the world. We’re inviting you to experience a delicious product that you won't soon forget! Our handmade chocolate without a doubt will please your taste buds, and the quality of our products is unrivaled.

An Incredible Truffle Experience

If you are interested in buying a chocolate truffle gift or you’d simply like to get a treat for yourself, our enthusiastic team is ready to assist you. Our gourmet Belgian handmade chocolate truffles are available for purchase through our online store. Of course, please feel free to contact our friendly staff online, by phone or in person at our Minnesota shop.