Brian BolligBrian Bollig
Continuing the Mr. B’s Tradition Today

Brian’s chocolate story actually begins in 2017 where Dwight’s story left off.  Similar to Dwight, Brian has enjoyed a career completely outside of the chocolate business…  

Brian has been working as a Civil Engineer since 1995, opening his own engineering and consulting business in Willmar in 2007. Growing up, Brian was always thinking and had a love of creating wherever he went, especially in the outdoors. It didn’t matter where he was; he was always trying to solve problems and figure out how things worked.  Rainy day dams in the driveway and snow forts in the winter are just a few of his favorite adolescent masterpieces.

True to his childhood calling to “build things” and his love of the outdoors, Brian received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering.  He married his wife Kathy in 1993 and the two of them along with one son and three daughters call Willmar, Minnesota home today where he also continues to operate his engineering services business. 

Ironically enough, before Brian met Kathy he was not particularly fond of chocolate except the occasional Snickers bar.  Brian smiles when he shares that Kathy must have rubbed off on him and helped him give chocolate another look, but only if it was GOOD chocolate like Mr. B’s.

Brian and Kathy’s youngest daughter, Gabbie’s favorite store has always been Mr. B’s.  When the opportunity surfaced to purchase the Mr. B’s store, Brian’s creative mind kicked into high gear. Not only would it be an opportunity for him to appeal to his family’s fondness for good chocolate, but it was also a chance to continue the Mr. B’s chocolate legacy while at the same time giving Brian more things to “create”….. only this time with chocolate. Hats off to the Original Mr. B!  We hope you enjoy some of his original chocolate classics and also take the opportunity to try some new Mr. B’s creations.