Handmade Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Bars

Superior Chocolate Bars

Our handmade gourmet Belgian chocolate bars are crafted to perfection by professional chocolatiers with years of experience. Our bars are made using only the highest quality ingredients and are carefully handmade each day here in our Minnesota shop. They are created with enthusiasm by our gifted team. We use Callebaut in our creations, an incomparable Belgium chocolate celebrated worldwide for its wonderful taste and superior quality. Belgian chocolate really is something extraordinary. It is often referred to as the finest on earth. This is certainly a well-earned acknowledgement. There is a fruitful history that goes into the making of our gourmet Belgian chocolate bars.

Handcrafted vs. Machine Made

Are handmade chocolate bars really superior to machine made bars? They certainly are! Our artisan creations are crafted carefully with a commitment to quality and flavor. Because Mr. B’s chocolate bars are handmade, each piece is unique in relation to size and shape. This is the way we like it. It guarantees that no one can replicate the superior taste, texture and appearance of our bars. Our handmade chocolate without doubt will impress your taste buds with its pleasing flavors and special texture. Every single piece is made to make chocolate lovers everywhere happy. At Mr. B’s, we pride ourselves on our conceptions, handmade with love using the highest quality ingredients.

An Extraordinary Chocolate Experience

If you are looking to buy homemade Belgian chocolate bars online, you’ve come to the right place. Our creations offer the perfect compliment to all of life’s journeys. They also make a perfect gift. What truly makes Belgian chocolate special is its culture. This culture encompasses both the quality of ingredients and the attention put into making the product. The overwhelming majority of Belgian chocolate is crafted not by major manufacturers, but by community-based chocolate shops such as ours using their hands and the same reliable equipment that has been passed down from generation to generation. To learn more about our chocolate bars, contact our responsive staff online, by phone or in person at our Minnesota shop!